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Should I Go To College?


Reading Time: 4 minutes The question of whether college is worth it the cost depends on many factors. To start, let’s examine why college is so expensive to begin with. Many students go to college not knowing what they want to do. Their goal is to figure it out as they go along. This would…CONTINUE READING

Corporate Debt Highest Ever – What Does It Mean?


Reading Time: 5 minutes In previous articles, the groundwork for how the current financial bubble was created has been explained. You can read them here, here, or here. To summarize, central banks have collectively pumped trillions of dollars into the system by buying assets. This lowered fixed income yields to record low levels. There…CONTINUE READING

Student Loans Crisis: Is College Worth It?


Reading Time: 5 minutes Imagine every grain of sand on a beach was actually a grain of gold.  That is a lot of gold.  Imagine what would appear to be infinite amounts of gold.  Miles and miles of gold.  How much is it worth?  Probably not that much to anyone because if you actually…CONTINUE READING