federal reserve note

The Federal Reserve: Everything You Need To Know


Reading Time: 9 minutes What Is The Federal Reserve? The Federal Reserve System was established on December 23, 1913 with the enactment of the Owen-Glass Act also known as the Federal Reserve Act, making the Federal Reserve System (The Fed) the central bank of the United States. The Federal Reserve System consists of twelve regional…CONTINUE READING

Is The United States Dollar Real?


Reading Time: 4 minutes The Federal Reserve Note (FRN), commonly referred to as the United States Dollar, is a debt issued by a private corporation (Federal Reserve) that has a monopoly in the geographic region of the United States as legal tender (currency) by decree of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. In other…CONTINUE READING

What is Money? Do You Own Any?


Reading Time: 4 minutes What is money? Are you confusing currency with money or vice versa? Not understanding the difference between the two can, unfortunately, force you into making unwise long-term investment decisions with your life’s savings. Barter Why do we need money? You can exchange your time creating goods/services for goods or services,…CONTINUE READING