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John Taylor Disagrees With His “Taylor Rule”?


Reading Time: 5 minutes Trump’s decision for Fed chair will be made sometime this fall. We’ve already discussed Powell and Warsh who are the front runners. In this article, we will take a look at John Taylor because he was interviewed by the President. John Taylor is a reformer much like Kevin Warsh. Powell is…CONTINUE READING

Is Powell The Next Federal Reserve Chairman?


Reading Time: 4 minutes President Trump will decide on who the next Fed chairperson will be sometime in between late October and early November. The unusual aspect of this decision is the only person who knows who Trump will pick is himself. This aspect has shown up lately as Jerome Powell has become the…CONTINUE READING

The Next Fed Chair: A $7.4 Trillion Decision


Reading Time: 4 minutes President Trump’s pick for the next Federal Reserve chair person is like a real-life offshoot of the Apprentice except the stakes are the fate of the global economy, meaning they are slightly higher. The three top contenders are Kevin Warsh, Jerome Powell, and Janet Yellen. Gary Cohn’s stock dropped in…CONTINUE READING