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Are Stocks 20% Overvalued?


Reading Time: 4 minutes The common mistake that is made by investors is the belief that markets are always right. If this were the case, no money could be made from participating in markets. The market is a pendulum that is always moving in search of fair value. There is a bias towards rationalizing…CONTINUE READING

Buybacks Signal End Of Stock Bull Market


Reading Time: 4 minutes Many investing websites and prognosticators put out highly emotional titles and predictions to get readers’ attention, but it does them a disservice. The best way to make any decision is do so with a sound mind. When you are emotional, you make the worst spending decisions which is why firms…CONTINUE READING

Stock Market P/E Ratio: Time To Invest?


Reading Time: 5 minutes The stock market is recording new highs nearly every day, while pushing its PE ratio to nearly double its average. To someone who may not know a whole lot about the market it could be daunting when you ask the simple question: is it too late to get in? Here…CONTINUE READING