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Corporate Debt Highest Ever – What Does It Mean?


Reading Time: 5 minutes In previous articles, the groundwork for how the current financial bubble was created has been explained. You can read them here, here, or here. To summarize, central banks have collectively pumped trillions of dollars into the system by buying assets. This lowered fixed income yields to record low levels. There…CONTINUE READING

Why Is China Dumping US Treasuries?


Reading Time: 4 minutes China is a major manufacturer of merchandise. They are the world’s second largest economy, following the United States. China is the world’s biggest exporter of goods and have the largest trade surplus. That trade surplus results in vast currency reserves. This positive balance of trade for China has continued to…CONTINUE READING

Quantitative Easing (QE): Are We Making A Mistake?


Reading Time: 7 minutes The current path of monetary policy in the form of quantitative easing (QE) world wide and particularly in the United States is following a dangerous trajectory, one that has a historical precedent without looking back several centuries. This disastrously flawed monetary experiment has plagued Japans economy and its people since the…CONTINUE READING