Stone Money


Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever wondered about the origins of money? Or wondered what different currencies of the world people used in their transactions before money existed? Before money became a medium of exchange, people mainly used barter, where people exchanged one good for another – rice for wood for example, or…CONTINUE READING

A World Without Money: Role Of Money In Society


Reading Time: 4 minutes I will begin with a simple question. What is money? Are you thinking dollars? The currency in your pocket? You are partially correct – though not entirely. Money is the generally accepted medium of exchange that is also a store of value as a function of industrial demand. Money is an asset,…CONTINUE READING

What is Money? Do You Own Any?


Reading Time: 4 minutes What is money? Are you confusing currency with money or vice versa? Not understanding the difference between the two can, unfortunately, force you into making unwise long-term investment decisions with your life’s savings. Barter Why do we need money? You can exchange your time creating goods/services for goods or services,…CONTINUE READING