Buybacks Signal End Of Stock Bull Market


Reading Time: 4 minutes Many investing websites and prognosticators put out highly emotional titles and predictions to get readers’ attention, but it does them a disservice. The best way to make any decision is do so with a sound mind. When you are emotional, you make the worst spending decisions which is why firms…CONTINUE READING

Central Bank Monetary Cliff Awaits


Reading Time: 4 minutes Ever since the financial crisis in 2008 an experimental monetary policy has been in place, known as quantitative easing. The Federal Reserve expanded its balance sheet from about $800 billion to $4.5 trillion. It bought mortgage bonds and treasury bonds. This had a big effect on almost every asset. Lowering…CONTINUE READING

Real Unemployment Rate In The United States


Reading Time: 4 minutes Undoubtedly you have heard the optimistic economic outlooks on mainstream media channels. Often along with those highly touted future outlooks is a justification that the United States is at “full employment”, given that the unemployment rate, as recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is reported to be 4.8%…CONTINUE READING

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