10 Fast & Easy Ways to Make Money Today

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Everybody needs a bit of spare cash and considering the economic ups and downs that riddle our lives; the importance of fast and easy money today has never been more vital. Unfortunately, some form of debt burdens most of us with many assuming it to be an advantage as it allows you to feel wealthier – until the bills come in.

Often the first step to financial independence is a small one. This article provides a few ideas and reviews various ways by which you can earn fast and easy money today. 

How To Make Easy Money Today

  • Uber/Lyft Driver – Do you have some free time in the afternoon or at night? This is perhaps the most convenient way for many to make a decent sum of money. If you own a car and don’t mind driving a few extra hours you can sign up for Uber/Lyft driver programs (not an endorsement), allowing you to commute other people. You could fairly easily stand to earn $15-20 on an hourly basis, i.e. $100 in less than 6 hours of driving. While your cost for doing this will be gas and overall wear and tear on the car, the additional side income can potentially cover these costs and provide for a down payment on a new vehicle.
  • Selling Junk – As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It is the most underrated point in this series. Often, we have things piled up in the attic or garage that is of no use to us or has lost its utility – things that can sell for quick cash on Craigslist or eBay or even through a garage sale. Likewise, Amazon is a great marketplace where you can sell entertainment media including books, music, and movies. George Michael, anyone?  – reminds me of my next (huge) way to make money.

Make Fast Money Online 

  • SwagBucks – Love browsing the Internet? This solution could be for you. SwagBucks (not an endorsement) replaces your regular search engine and provides you with points for browsing – redemption available for various retail outlets’ vouchers. You can also earn points for shopping as well as by answering surveys online. More or less most search engines now deliver relevant results whereby if you are used to Google or Yahoo!, the costs of trying out a new search option are not high.
  • Bookkeeping – A more specialized skill, but if you have bookkeeping experience, especially with QuickBooks (not an endorsement), this can be a very lucrative side-gig for you. It is estimated that QuickBooks has more than 1 million paying subscribers and by 2020, it is estimated to entail a market share of 78% of small commercial enterprises which carry their business online – immense potential.

Make Money From Home

  • Freelancing – It is being estimated that the US alone has a freelancing economy worth $715 billion. This is a staggering amount for so-called work-from-home gigs. If you have a skill that is in demand, you can sign up on various freelancing websites like Upwork (not an endorsement). The most common skills are that of translation, data mining, writing and virtual assistant. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Excel or Word, that already qualifies you for a number of projects! 
  • Airbnb – Do you own a home, perhaps a condo, where you can rent out an extra room? Like Uber/Lyft, Airbnb (not an endorsement) allows you to use your house to generate income. For instance, you can convert an extra room into a Bed & Breakfast through Airbnb. Like any other hospitality business, the success of your listing on Airbnb depends on the quality of services provided to the guests and subsequent feedback from those guests. Great way to earn side income! 

Creative Ways To Make Money

  • Employee Referral Program – Most companies have employee referral programs in place which offer existing employees the ability to refer a potential candidate to fill vacancies. If successfully hired not only would you be earning easy income, but also doing a favor for someone who is seeking a job. Win-win situation.
  • Sell Photos – Are you a photography buff? Shutterstock could be the place for you (not an endorsement). Shutterstock is a marketplace that allows photographers to sell their photos to prospective bidders. Likewise, you can use your photography skills to undertake independent gigs.
  • Focus Group – Many universities, research organizations, and marketing groups seek individuals who are willing to participate and provide their feedback. These focus groups prefer candidates from diverse backgrounds and can be as quick as an online survey or a brief meeting. 
  • On-the-move Billboard – If advertising is something that you embrace with open arms, consider decking out your car “wrapped” in ad material from leading business establishments. Keep in mind there are many services offering this so please make sure to read online reviews first to make sure you’re not signing up for a scam.

The above list is not exhaustive, but discusses some of the most practical, common and efficient ways to make extra money today (not six months from now). Irrespective of how much time you have at your disposal, these ideas bear the potential to supplement your primary income and contribute to a debt-free financial independence.