About Us

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Time Money was created to provide you with unbiased, truthful, and objective analysis of current events, the economy and how it all affects your life, money and personal finances.

  • We never take anything at face value, and neither should you.
  • In order to understand the world it is critical to form a philosophical framework that allows you to remove hypocrisy.
  • Sensationalism and satisfactory investment returns do not coexist.
  • Rarely is anything as bad as you fear, nor as great as you hope.
  • Listen to all, follow none. We only encourage for you to read all content on this website with implicit skepticism. Challenge every statement made and juxtapose any and all information.
  • It is commonly regarded that free advice is worth what you pay for it, thereby please note that we are not advising you.
  • We do not predict nor claim to predict the future. Our goal is to understand history while inquiring into the progression and significance of events. Economics is simply the science of examining and understanding human action, its causes and effects.

This website does not feature any advertisements. We believe your personal finances deserve more than a sales pitch. 

Please familiarize yourself with our full disclaimer.