Monthly Archives: August, 2017

Here’s Why Stock Markets Are Rallying


Reading Time: 4 minutes After the election, the stock market rallied on supposed optimism caused by the anticipation of deregulation and tax cuts. The rally was called the Trump Trade. The question remains why stocks would rally based off rhetoric from a politician. Yes, the stock market likes to discount future events. However, buying…CONTINUE READING

Key To Successfully Investing Money


Reading Time: 4 minutes Investors are constantly looking for an edge when investing money that will boost their performance in relation to other investors and the market as a whole. Behavioral analysis is one discipline that offers broad scope for research designed to enable improved investor performance. The reason for this is obvious: the…CONTINUE READING

Weekly Recap: Stocks Reach Record Highs


Reading Time: 4 minutes The S&P 500 had another positive week as it was up 0.41%. Its Friday close was a new record high, bringing its year to date performance to up 7.17%. The market was led by Apple which reached a new record high. It’s market cap is $773.85 billion which means it…CONTINUE READING